The Perfect Fragrant Chicken Biryani

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Asians and Indians in particular love the spicy dish called Biryani. It is mildly fragrant, a complete meal in itself,prepared with rice and chicken.Lamb may also be used instead of chicken. Festivals and marriages among Christians and Muslims in India must have this dish prepared in addition to other dishes.

Accompaniments include sliced cucumber,a sour and spicy brinjal curry (Bagara Bhaigan),and a raitha(chopped onions,tomatoes and cucumbers in curds).You may garnish the biryani with fried onions,almonds and raisins. Chicken Kababs, boiled eggs,may also be served alongside. This irresistible aromatic dish is finished off with a dessert of payasam/phirnee at the end.



  1. Basmati Rice or any long grained good quality rice,1 kg
  2. Chicken, around 950 gms, jointed and cut into medium-sized pieces(with or without skin)
  3. Oil(sunflower/peanut),3-4 tbsp
  4. Dalda/vanaspati(hydrogenated fat),10 tbsp
  5. Onions,3 large,sliced thinly
  6. Tomatoes,3 ripe red, pureed
  7. Coriander leaves,1 bunch
  8. Mint leaves,1 bunch
  9. Lime,1 large and juicy
  10. Curds/yoghurt,3-4 tbsp
  11. Coriander powder,2 tsp
  12. Chilli powder,3 tsp
  13. Turmeric powder,1tsp
  14. Bay leaf,1
  15. Cardamoms, 3, green
  16. Cinnamon,2 long sticks
  17. Cloves,7
  18. Ginger and garlic paste,3 -4 tbsp
  19. Salt to taste
  20. Peas, shelled, a large handful
  21. Carrots, sliced, a handful
  22. Green chillies,3-4,with small slit in centre



Take a large bowl
Put in the cut chicken
Make a marinade with yoghurt,lime,salt,turmeric powder,chilli powder,coriander powder and
ginger-garlic paste.
Pour over the chicken
Let stand for atleast 30 minutes.

Place a large heavy bottomed vessel on the stove,or use a pressure cooker.
Add 3 tbsp of oil(sunflower/peanut)
Add 10 tbsp of dalda/vanaspati(hydrogenated fat)
When it begins to smoke,add the bayleaf,whole cardamoms,cloves and cinnamon sticks
Add sliced onions,fry them till golden brown
Add marinated chicken and fry till oil separates
Next add coriander and mint leaves,cut finely
Tomato puree goes in next,all the while being stirred
When oil begins to float on top,add about a glass of water and let cook covered.
Measure the rice in a glass or jar before washing it
Measure out double the number of jars of water in another pan and bring to boil
When chicken is 3/4 th done,add the boiling water
Taste to see if you need more salt which can be added at this stage
Some shelled peas,and chopped carrots and a couple of green chillies may be added
Washed rice goes in and let cook,covered
When rice is 3/4 th cooked,uncover lid,stir lightly
Cover with an extra tight lid,and lower the flame
Let cook on low flame till rice is done

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