The Perfect Fragrant Chicken Biryani

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Asians and Indians in particular love the spicy dish called Biryani. It is mildly fragrant, a complete meal in itself,prepared with rice and chicken.Lamb may also be used instead of chicken. Festivals and marriages among Christians and Muslims in India must have this dish prepared in addition to other dishes.

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Butter chicken curry By Alida Ryder

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I have had the most intense curry craving for the longest time. Good curry. Made with good quality spices that form a rich sauce perfect for dunking Nan into. So last weekend when I was too lazy to cook, I decided to go to my favourite curry joint to get us dinner. When I got there, they were closed (!!) so I stopped at a place close to my house and was so bitterly disappointed by their curry. It was bland, underseasoned and incredibly expensive. So I decided that this week I would make my own because after all, home made is always best.


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Rich in diversity and culture, the sub-continent, India is a land of wealth and friendly people. The places here have historic significance and speak of the valuable monuments that surround it. Here are the top 10 destinations in India that you just can’t miss once you have entered the land of festivals.

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